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Luxury hotels are often looked upon as the expensive choice, used only by the very rich or by celebrities. This is not true. The hotel industry has changed over recent years and now more than ever, travellers can enjoy high levels of quality service and luxury in the world's most wonderful boutique hotels!

Less than five years ago, the majority of hotels were very much run in a traditional way and tied to their strict ratings. Now, things are changing. Hotel owners understand how competitive the industry is and as a result they have invested time and money in improving their hotels to bring them up to boutique standards. This is great news for the consumer who are benefitting from much higher levels of service within the hospitality industry, and yet the prices really have not climbed up that much.

And this is why they are the number one choice. Consumers are getting much better value for their money. Hotels know that the internet has made it much easier for travellers to check reviews and find out what a hotel is really like. As a result they take much greater care with all aspects of their service. The cuisine, bedrooms, staff, d├ęcor and the facilities are all improving and the customers are the ones who are benefiting the most. Boutique hotels are decorated and designed with the latest styles and themes. The bedrooms are made luxurious and welcoming using the finest soft furnishings and linens. Usually the rooms have fresh fruit, drinks and additional features like Wi-Fi access, TV, music systems, and more.

IN the 21st Century, travellers are much more demanding and they are expecting much higher levels of service and care when they pay for it. People don't want the same as what they have at home, they want even more, they want even higher levels of luxury!

That is whey boutique hotels are so popular and why is easier than ever to find the perfect luxury stay for your own travel plans. Use a good booking service. They will be able to offer their customers the latest deals and offers which will give you even more value for many. And in many cases there are amazing offers to be found if you are quick.

By using a reputable service that you can trust, you'll have access to the best hotels and the very best prices. And of course, this is the very best in hotel accommodation so it may cost a little bit more but in terms of the luxury you will receive for what you spend, it will be the best value holiday you have ever enjoyed.

Go online now and make plans so you and your loved ones van enjoy the luxury holiday you all deserve. Or plan a special romantic break with your partner so the two of you can have some special time together in luxury surroundings. Whatever the reason, a luxury hotel is the perfect way to make any trip extra special. removes the guess-work and delivers exactly what discerning travellers are looking for in the luxury boutique hotel and design hotel experience. Launched in early 2006, and boasting a network of over 1300 boutique and designer hotels in 30 countries, this niche hotel booking site delivers targeted and stylized accommodation to fit every traveller's taste and budget. To find the perfect holiday accommodation in luxury boutique hotels in London, go to

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